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TriState Capital is the preferred partner for Family Offices that demand an uncommon degree of financial expertise and services. As you’ll discover, our ability to deliver flexible, innovative deposit and lending solutions has won the confidence of clients throughout the nation.

We never lose sight of the fact that our clients are entrusting us with much more than assets. We are protecting family legacies – many of which represent generations of achievement and success.

Whatever the situation or challenge, we are dedicated to finding a way to help our family office clients reach their financial goals.
TriState Capital offers competitive cash management products to Family Offices including Certificates of Deposits ranging from 3 – 36 months, as well as Money Market Deposit Accounts (MMDA).

Our MMDA is a premium priced investment alternative for institutions looking to enhance their yield on excess funds. In addition, institutional clients can also find excellent value in our competitively priced time deposit products.

TriState Capital’s Private Bank also caters to family offices by offering AccessTSC Securities-Backed Lines of Credit.

We offer the facilities with both LIBOR-based variable rate and fixed rate options. Clients pledge their investment account(s) as collateral and can take advantage of many financing needs, with the exception of purchasing securities.

Our team has the experience, expertise and capability to analyze complex situations and propose customized deposit solutions.

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Innovative Financial Solutions for Family Offices

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