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TriState Capital’s Private Bank caters to financial advisors by offering the AccessTSC Securities-Based Lending, which offers lending solutions for your clients.

AccessTSC Lines are offered with both LIBOR based variable rate and fixed rate options. With these facilities, your clients can pledge their investment account(s) as collateral to meet many of their financing needs, with the exception of purchasing securities. Click Here to learn more.

Our Digital Lending Platform features 24/7 access, loan origination, loan servicing, and real-time relationship visibility - financial advisors and their clients can now access our Private Bank services wherever and whenever they choose. Learn more in just 60 seconds, below.

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Securities-BaSED LENDING

An AccessTSC securities-based line of credit is a borrowing product based on the approach of pledging eligible securities as collateral. It offers access to liquidity without disrupting a client’s investment strategies and objectives. For more than 10 years, we have been developing processes and resources to make AccessTSC a quick and easy solution for advisors and their clients.

The Advantages of Pledging Assets

  • Competitive Rates – Both LIBOR-based variable rate and fixed rate options are available.
  • Speed – Our streamlined process enables us to deliver AccessTSC loan documents
    within five business days.
  • Value – Provides access to liquidity without the immediate sale of securities.
  • Flexibility – Multiple portfolios can be used as collateral. Individuals, entities and trusts are eligible to borrow and pledge.
  • ACAT Transfers – Facilitate the transfer of client investment accounts by paying off existing loans. This also enables you to attract new clients, former clients or additional clients.
  • A True Partner – As an advisor-focused firm, we strive to deliver confidence by offering advisors innovative solutions for their clients. We build strong relationships through exceptionally personalized service and go to great lengths to gain your trust as a true partner and valuable resource.

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